about me

My own journey started with a
life-or-death rock-bottom moment….

never being in the moment…

This was me before: stressed out, racing. Always doing, never being in the moment. No time to truly feel me, the people around me, neither the joy of the moment nor the joy of summits climbed.

Hustling mother of three, struggling in a longtime rollercoaster relationship, insecure in a job that left me unfulfilled.

a sign from the universe

Thankfully, the universe sent me an undeniable sign: One day I fell down the whole basement staircase. It passed like slow-motion, as I heard my inner voice „I am dying“. That night I felt in overwhelm: this could have been it! And was I in a good place in life for this „to be it“? The painful answer was „no“. Not as a mother, with my family, not in my relationship, not in my job. I felt so terribly rock-bottom.

But that life-or-death moment seemed to shake off all the boundaries that kept me hostage before. That moment I was able to feel: these limitations are all only my very own thinking. Who says all this? Only me! I am free! I promised myself change. I didn’t know how, but I intended to go for happiness. I started with one baby-step: one tea-only-with-me-time. Intention led me to take more little steps and inspired actions every day….

my journey unfolded…

Later, a milestone-step was taking coaching training with an absolutely life-changing soul, Veit Lindau. Not by coincidence is he one of Germany’s leading Coaches. Learning from Veit left nothing in my own life unchallenged! And it guided me through an intense process of getting rid of insecurities and of limiting subconscious beliefs.

It helped me transform my relationships for the better: with myself, as a mother, daughter, wife, lover and friend. More tools came my way and I developed the most powerful ones into my coaching approach: breathwork, tapping and manifestation!

This power process is developed, allows you to rewire how you perceive and feel and it enables you to go for it!

a life by my own book!

I feel so much gratitude and easiness. I take every day as a new day, and I forgive myself and others easily. I trust in life, I go for it, I manifest what I want to attract and I am absolutely sure about my mission. This guides me like a warm fire every day!

Today, I can truly say that I live by my own book. Focussing on and attracting joy, purpose, gratitude, freedom and abundance into my life. I am still amazed everyday of how easily we CAN rewire our brain to change our lives completely.

My own awakening has become my mission to pass on to others. And I absolutely want YOU to experience this place of peace and happiness as well. I can’t wait for when we meet.

Further qualifications:

Breathe to Heal Facilitator (Max Strom), Aura Reading, Sleep Coach, Flexibility Coach, Hatha Yoga Teacher (Thiemo Zeppernick), Bhakti Vinyasa Flow Yoga Teacher (Florian Heinzmann), Art of Adjustment, Children's Yoga Training... and from my previous journey in life I hold a masters degree in Economics.