Go for the life you really really want! Let me guide you on your selfcare growth journey. Learn with me how to release stress and what’s blocking you. Rewire for happiness with EFT tapping, breathing and manifesting.

Your breath is a wonderful tool. It calms you, regulating your nervous system. I am a certified Breath Coach and love guiding you with your breath in my events, circles and mentorings.


EFT is a powerful stress release technique. Tapping on acupuncture points we talk through whats emotionally blocking us. Lowers our cortisol levels and clears emotional blockages. As certified EFT practitioner I guide you through this empowering technique.

EFT Tapping

Manifestation is creating in your mind to materialize in reality. Learn to raise your vibration and manifest with me. As certified Life Trust Coach I make us of this in my EFT mentorings, circles and retreats.


my mission

My mission is to take you on your selfcare growth journey.  Transforming how you feel and think.

All we ever suffer from is our own thoughts. And we are free to choose again, if we are able to allow this to ourselves. This is also my very own journey – and it has absolutely changed my whole life and transformed me into my happier self.

And now I want you to have it, too. Letting go of old patterns and reprogramming what is holding you back from being happy. Rewiring your brain for peace and positivity.

Let me take you by the hand to rewire your mind. Turning – whatever it is – into something empowering & good!

I don’t believe in coincidences. You are here in this moment reading this, because now is your time to transform:

  • a life full of stress
  • anxiety and overthinking
  • negative self-talk and limiting beliefs
  • being stuck in unhealthy relationships and circumstances
  • procrastinating and lacking energy

GO FOR IT. Let me guide you on your selfcare journey. Transform into a happier, fulfilled and empowered version of yourself! The best is now to come.

1:1 mentoring

Let me be your mentor and spiritual cheerleader. I take you by the hand with calm determination. Making you feel safe and putting you in power, so you can go for it. That place of peace and happiness is available inside of you NOW.

Work with me:

Let me guide you on your selfcare journey to a happier version of yourself. Book me as your mentor for 1:1 sessions or join me for retreats.


– EFT package: 3 1:1 sessions

Work with me in 3 x 1:1 sessions using EFT with you as well as other techniques from breathwork and manifestation. Calm your current pain point, tap into your subconscious and reveal lays at the core of what is blocking or holding you back. Each session we go deeper and mover you further.  Go for it now and move on.

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„Jahres-EFT Tapping Circle“

– monthly tapping circle (in German)

Komm und tappe mit uns. Wir treffen uns 1 x Mal im Monat zu einem wunderbar entspannenden Abend, um Anspannung zu lösen und tiefergehende Lebensthemen mit EFT zu wandeln. Erlebe die entspannende und transformierende Wirkung der Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT). 

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Change your mind and

it will change your life!

~ Katja

about my selfcare journey

I still practice my mission everyday. But I have come from far, starting change from a life-or-death rock-bottom moment.

This was me before: stressed out, racing. Always doing, never being in the moment. No time to truly feel me, the people around me, neither the joy of the moment nor the joy of summits climbed. Hustling mother of three, struggling in a longtime rollercoaster relationship, insecure in a job that left me unfulfilled.

Thankfully, the universe sent me an undeniable sign: One day I fell down the whole basement staircase. It passed like slow-motion, as I heard my inner voice „I am dying“. That night I felt in overwhelm: this could have been it! And was I in a good place in life for this to be it? The painful answer was „no“. Not as a mother, with my family, not in my relationship, not in my job. I felt so terribly rock-bottom.

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