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intuitive reading

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unleash your

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intuitive aura reading

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unleash your intuition

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“unleash your intuition”

– intuitive reading


Have you tried everything? Do you have the feeling that only a whole new approach can help you get going?

This is when an intuitive aura reading is just the right thing for you. By allowing me to be your channel, you will connect with the wisdom of the universe. Access your own innermost wisdom. It holds all your right solutions available for you.

So very powerful to go for it!

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Intuitive Reading:

Your reading takes place online via zoom

find a quiet place

you may record our session

have questions at hand if you like

require about 75-90 minutes

249,-  Euro

second readings are charged 75 Euros
(requires usually 30 minutes)

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Disclaimer: I am not a doctor or non-medical practitioner, I do not make any diagnoses and I do not make any promises of healing. My coaching sessions and offers do not substitute for counseling or advice of medical nature or medication. My offers do not represent diagnosing, treating, or preventing any medical or psychological condition. Coaching EFT tapping works by stimulating the self-healing power. You are strongly encouraged to discuss your use of EFT with your therapist and/or physician.

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What is an intuitive reading?

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Intuitive reading is sometimes referred to as aura reading. What does it mean? We all carry deep knowledge – our inner wisdom – somewhere in our energy system. This inner wisdom is that place within you that carries all your right answers and solutions. It is your place of knowing that we often cannot access and connect to in our everyday frantic lives. A reading allows you to access this inner wisdom by connecting to the universe through your reader.

As your reader I become your channel through which the universe communicates directly with you.

As you allow me to connect and serve as your channel, you will receive direct communication and answers from the universe. You can pose any question on any issue, circumstance or relationship. The universe never fails you with an answer. If you don’t have specific questions, as your channel I will scan through your chakras. These are the energy centers in your body, and they can be looked into to acknowledge and clear blockages.

Go deeper: accessing wisdom when you are stuck 

You have tried so much, and just can’t get out of it? You are really stuck and in need of radical true new perspectives and inspirations i.e. on hidden potentials, recurring negative patterns, limiting self-beliefs and blockages? This is when a  reading is a truly empowering way of accessing your deepest wisdom. The universe always helps you reveal what is at the deeper, your core level. The good thing: you can ask for answers from the universe right there. You can ask as many questions, until you have fully received guidance from your most inner wisdom of yours through the words of the universe.

Leaving you in absolute inspiration & clarity

A reading always leaves you absolutely positive and with truly inspiring insights and solutions. So you do not have to be scared of what you will see, as the universe always works for you and always leaves you with empowering spiritual guidance. 

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