** LIVE SOON ** Mystical Monday – live 19. February 24, 21.00 Uhr


Live Zoom Meeting (starts 19.Feb)



Join us on the Mystical Mondays. Dive into the fascinating and powerful realms of energy practices, nervous system and holistic wellbeing with us. Every week we have wonderful guests taking us on their journey into the world of their energetic modality or expertise. In 2024 we will have wonderful practitioners ranging from Energy Healing, Reiki, different schools of Breathwork, Hypnosis, the Akashic Records, Human Design, Hypnosis, EFT, Holistic Nutrition and more. Sign up to receive your free link. You are welcome to pass this on. This is for your when you want to dive deeper into Holistic Wellbeing, Growth and Health. Can`t wait to see you there. This is a Frequency4All format created by Katja Lampe, Siobhan Hunter and Lisa Hernandez Questions? Write to me


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